We engage parents for student success.

Parenting Partners™ is a comprehensive, dynamic approach that gets parents onboard for their children’s academic success.

Consistent outcomes from Parenting Partners™ include:

  • Improved academics, including higher reading scores.
  • Increased parent engagement with children’s learning.
  • Positive Parent Leadership.

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We have the secret sauce!

The recipe for motivating parents combines equal parts of leadership and parenting skills so that parents become vital contributors to their children’s academic success. Everywhere we go we see that parents are most motivated when they can give back, mastering parenting skills so that they can lead the next set of workshops.

Our results are sustainable

Parenting Partners™ is one of the most widely used parent training systems in North America, with seventeen years of reliability. Teams receive comprehensive training materials, training, and support. Our parent leadership workshops are presented by your own schools’ trained facilitator teams.
These teams are your teams: local, sustainable, credible. Parents trust local presenters! The teams present the workshops multiple times year-round, in multiple languages.