David Porter

Curriculum Development Projects Coordinator

David is a Curriculum Development Projects Coordinator for Family Leadership. He’s led trainings nationally for 8 years and uses his highly engaging personality to build positive connections with a diverse population of facilitators, staff, and parents. 

David was born in Chicago, IL and moved around the country as part of a Navy family, including 25 years in California. He has now been located in the Phoenix area for five years. He and his wife Jody have three sons, including a son on the autism spectrum. He’s most proud of his accomplishments as a father and uses the skills & techniques from Parenting Partners™ daily as a practitioner of family and community engagement. 

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and spent many years working in college admissions, focusing on first generation college students. He brings skills from that experience into preparing families in Parenting Partners™ for college readiness. He utilizes ten years of experience in corporate and community relations to build sustainable district partnerships in many states. 

He has trained thousands of facilitators nationally and led several dozen conference workshops. He volunteers as a Little League baseball coach and is an active PTA member at his son’s schools. David’s main goal in life is to inspire others to see the value in building more meaningful relationships. Secret talent: David is a fantasy sports wiz and an expert at finding the best local food and restaurants when traveling.