Equipping Families for Emotional Resilience

This program is designed to equip parents with the tools to support their children emotionally. Parents who attend Calm & Kind Workshops are equipped in three key areas:

  • Understanding mental health: The program dives into how mental health impacts your child’s success in school and overall well-being.
  • Self-regulation: You’ll learn practical strategies to help your child manage their emotions in healthy ways.
  • Managing your own emotions: By learning to regulate your own emotions, you can provide calmer and more effective support for your child.

Bridge the Gap Between Home and School

Educators know what parents are concerned about—their children’s mental & emotional well-being. 

Pew Researchers confirmed what you already know – The top concern of parents today is children and teens “Struggling with anxiety or depression.”

(Pew Research Center, January, 2023, “Parenting in America Today,” study of 3757 parents)


Educators are already focused on caring for students’ well-being.

How can you get parents on board with you in a practical and positive way?

Family Leadership has compelling workshops to engage families in strengthening emotional wellness— “The Calm and Kind Family” series.

Workshop Topics

Week One & Two

The impacts of stress on the family
Survival Brain & stress responses
Understanding your own needs as a parent or caregiver
Self Care & Self Compassion strategies

Calm Parent / Calm Child
4 Steps to Calm
Emotional regulation
Feeling, naming and taming emotions
Calming Strategies for every age and stage

Week Three & Four

Finding the “why” behind misbehavior

Building a “pro-active” parent toolbox

Effective strategies for dealing with schedules, transitions, nutrition, movement, screens, sensory and other common behavioral influences

Reframing misbehavior

The messages of connection and correction tools

Correction tools: redirection, giving choices, re-do’s and consequences

Brain Research Made Simple, Fun, Engaging and Accessible


Backed by Research

Calm & Kind Family brings parents the latest research on stress, neuroscience, self-care & self-compassion, emotions and trauma informed correction strategies....

Delivered in a way that's fun, engaging and easy to understand for any family!


Fun & Engaging

Most ``workshops`` with quality information are boring and inaccessible. Calm & Kind Family is HIGHLY INTERACTIVE, packed with skits, illustrations and discussion.

Your families will be fully engaged and participating.


Taught by Real Parents

Our Train the Trainer Model means Calm & Kind Family will be facilitated by real families in your neighborhood not ``outside experts`` who don't listen to the needs of your community.

The cohorts will be empowered to share best practices and learn from each other!

Calm & Kind Materials

Each school will receive a Facilitators Kit box which includes:

  • Calm Corner Printouts and Downloads
  • Skit & Activity Props
  • A sensory box
  • Fidget Toy box
  • Parent Handouts
  • And More!

Each site will also receive parent workbooks available in both Spanish and English, and Facilitator Guides. In addition, Facilitators will get an access code to our Facilitators website where they can download PowerPoints, additional handouts, videos and additional resources.

Family Leadership Inc has a Verifiable Track Record of Success!

With more than 280,000 parents graduating our parent workshops, extensive evaluation shows that these families are now structured for success.

Parents take leadership roles, and form strong Family-School Partnerships for achievement.