Enthusiastic Facilitators at Parenting Partners Workshops in Anaheim, CA

Last fall our Parenting Partners national trainers facilitated one of our largest trainings of the year in Anaheim, California. Over 80 participants were certified to be Parenting Partners workshop facilitators from 23 schools in southern California.

Our team was delighted by the enthusiasm from the parents and school staff that attended and participated in the training. This is our 3rd year working with the Anaheim School District and the response and support of the district is exemplary. A number of facilitators from previous trained teams attended the training and shared stories about growth they have seen in the workshops they led in the last year. We love hearing stories from returning facilitators because their input adds value to our discussions at trainings and they help foster a collaborative culture among facilitator teams. We look forward seeing the impact these leaders will have on their communities this year.  

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