Family Leadership trains and completely resources a leadership team from your school site to facilitate family engagement workshops

Parents trust local staff—and local parents—and love to participate in the interactive, fun workshop sessions!

By attending this two-day in person or virtual training, each team member will be trained and certified as a Parenting Partners™, Family Meals Challenge or Calm & Kind Family Facilitator, authorized to facilitate workshops for parents at schools or community sites.

Upon completion of the training, each participant will be able to:

  • Successfully organize and lead the workshops multiple times each year.
  • Recruit parents and involve them in positive leadership.
  • Accurately and effectively field questions from parents.
  • Work effectively in a multilingual setting.

It’s typically a two-day training workshop led by our team of trainers, including curriculum authors, who provide individual attention and coaching to each participant.  The training can be done in person or online depending on the size of the launch.

Participants receive hands-on practice in presenting sessions in small groups around tables or in virtual break out rooms. Trainers individually coach each team.

It’s an active, enjoyable process—we model the fun process you will be doing with your parents. When you leave you’ll have the experience and all the materials you need to lead your family engagement workshops.

Many Facilitators start their workshops right after training because they have everything they need to get started. Your time is valuable, so we make sure you receive everything you need during training.

This is hands-on training! You learn by doing, not just watching. As a result, you’re ready to lead the workshops! 100% of teams we train actually start this program at their school.

Training and supporting your Presenting Teams

  • The two-day Training in person or virtual and Certification for up to five team members from each school site.
  • We help you develop a leadership team for each school site. They are sustainable and long-term. Your teams can multiply by graduating parents year after year.
  • Your teams have the identity of your schools and district.  They are locally owned.
  • Our national Team Support Specialists support your team, helping you build sustainability and quality.  We stay in the background—your community will identify the workshops with your local district and schools.

Comprehensive materials and supplies are included

  • Our Facilitator Kits contain everything needed to successfully facilitate Family Leadership Workshops: skit props, parent handouts, supplies…it’s all included. It’s completely turn key!
  • Facilitators also receive a Facilitator Manual, Access to Digital Downloads, Marketing Materials and Parent Workbooks.
  • Bilingual Spanish Facilitators receive everything in both Spanish and English.

We don’t train and run! Family Leadership trainers and Team Support Specialists will continue to support you after training.

  • During training each team creates a detailed implementation plan that supports the key academic goals of the principal, school, and district.
  • During the 2-day training your teams begin working with our Team Support staff and the relationship continues year round.
  • Our bilingual Team Support Specialists then support your team through every phase:  Inviting parents, leading the workshops, evaluation, and planning for the next series of workshops.
  • The school and district receives high quality data from pre and post questionnaires.  We compile data into practical, highly-illustrated reports that will encourage your teams and boost your compliance and reporting work.

Your Teams Can Reach Parents in Multiple Languages, at Multiple Times

Your Parenting Partners Teams Can Reach Parents With Workshops in English, Spanish, and Other Languages

Teams select their own schedules. The most popular choices are: early evening to reach fathers and mothers, after school to reach parents before they go home, daytime to reach parents who can volunteer or who are attending classes in ESL, etc.

Your original team can multiply by bringing some of your parent graduates on the team.  The teams can offer workshops to more parents in various time slots.

Most teams offer the Family Engagement workshops once a week for consecutive weeks, but some school teams customize the workshops into weekends, summer intensives, and more.  These are your teams—you choose your scheduling.

Complete Materials and Supplies Are Included

  • Professionally Printed Parent Workbook (English or Spanish)
  • Facilitator’s Manual with detailed instructions (English or Spanish)
  • Access to Online Resources, Facilitator PowerPoints and Videos
  • Parent Marketing Resources, Flyers, and How to Invite
  • How to run Successful Parent Workshops: Recruiting Parents, Promoting and Organizing
  • Posters, Downloads, Handouts and other resources
  • Every team receives the complete team kit with skit props, printouts, and all supplies needed for the training and workshops.
  • Snacks are provided both days of the 2-day training.

Locally-owned teams are more effective!

You will have your own permanent team or teams serving your school, your district, or community agency. These teams bring you:

  • Credibility — Parents trust presenters from their own school and community. The local team is connected to the community’s cultures.
  • Consistent parent training — Your teams lead the classes in Fall and Spring of every year, providing an ongoing source of effective parent leaders.
  • Sustainable and permanent — Team members receive great satisfaction from their service, so most continue for years. They are also joined by some of their own parent graduates who also become Facilitators.
  • Affordability — This permanent resource is an attractive alternative to having to pay an agency for every class. Your team can offer this training as often as you desire.

School staff members often love to be included on the team

  • Teachers
  • Home/School Liaisons
  • School Psychologists
  • After School program staff
  • ELL leaders
  • Parents also love to be included on the team!

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