Harlandale ISD Graduation – 2019

It was a thrill for our Team Support Specialist, Terri D’Agostino, to be in Harlandale in order to attend Harlandale ISD’s second Parenting Partners graduation on December 12th.  Harlandale graduated 106 parents who all wore caps and gowns! They walked in to Pomp and Circumstance, each graduate had their name announced and they all received their graduation certificates along with their own copy of the book Love You Forever. There was a marvelous presentation of pictures from the various campus workshops which played as people entered the room.  The tables were decorated beautifully, and it was all very festive.  The Parenting Partners graduates were surrounded by friends, family members and district VIPs who were all there to cheer them on!

Family Leadership/Parenting Partners would like to congratulate the parent graduates from Harlandale ISD on attending and participating in the Parenting Partner workshops and for taking the steps to become leaders in their community and schools.

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