Parenting Partners is a parenting skill-building and leadership program utilized by hundreds of school districts and agencies across North America.

The interactive curriculum features six weekly workshops. Family Leadership Inc. trains and completely resources a leadership team from your school site to lead Parenting Partners™.

Parenting Partners Gets Parents on Board

Your teachers, administrators and staff are creating great places to learn. How can you get parents on the team with you? Parenting Partners can help – it is a successful, dynamic method for getting parents on board for their children’s academic success.

It creates student success

Parents master practical academic improvement skills to support the classroom teacher. Parents learn family literacy activities, how to create a strong home learning environment, and positive ways to communicate with teachers and staff. Their children now come to school ready to learn.

It’s multi-lingual

All our curriculum, training, and materials are in English & Spanish. Thousands of parents have completed our six-week workshops in Spanish and other languages.

It’s affordable

Facilitators for your site attend our two-day Facilitator training, where they gain experience presenting the entire curriculum. They also receive a complete package of training materials, so they are ready to start leading parent classes right away! This training for up to six team members, along with all presentation and class material, are included in one affordable cost.

It’s practical

Busy, discouraged parents will gain some quick victories! Every week parents will apply a new practical skill that brings some immediate results. Watch the confidence of your parents grow!

It has a great track record

Over 200,000 parents have graduated and are now effectively engaged with the school to support the academic success of their children.

It gives you the ownership

Family Leadership Inc trains and completely resources presentation teams from your site to facilitate the program. These are your teams! Parents trust local presenters, and love to participate in the interactive workshop sessions!

It creates Positive Parent Leadership

Parenting Partners is a parent leadership development curriculum. Your parents will feel honored and respected by the process. They will find positive ways to contribute back to the school and community.

It’s sustainable

Parenting Partners team members receive great satisfaction from their service, so most continue for years. They are also joined by some of their own parent graduates who also become Facilitators. This process makes the program sustainable year after year. These new parent facilitators possess language and cultural skills that extend your outreach. They bring local expertise and credibility to each of your teams.

It’s easy to get started!