New Year, New Parenting Partners Facilitators

The beginning of the year is a good time to begin new Parenting Partners workshops, so we commissioned a new group of facilitators in Monterey Peninsula, California and Harlandale, Texas. The new facilitators are excited to bring the workshops to their schools and connect with parents in their communities. Below are some stories and pictures from two of our recent trainings. Monterey Peninsula, California Our team was pleased with the excitement of the parents and school staff that attended and participated in the training. 11 schools sent participants to become facilitators and bring the workshops to their schools. The newly certified facilitators are eager to start preparing for their workshops and seeing the impact the workshops will have on their community.


  Harlandale, Texas Three of our team members traveled to Harlandale, Texas to lead a two day training for staff and parents in the Harlandale School District. Parents and school staff from 11 schools participated in the activities and enjoyed practicing facilitating sections of the workshops to their team. The yarn and volcano exercise was especially engaging for the participants.

Leaders of all ages attended the training and became certified facilitators of Parenting Partners workshops. We love seeing multi-generational attendees seeking to make a difference in our community. We hope to see more younger people interested in leading workshops in the future.

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