New Caney ISD to Begin ProStrengths Online Course

Our Parenting Partners team spent their time in New Caney ISD on September 11th-12th to train the leaders in that district to become facilitators in order to better influence their schools with parent engagement. Participants were also able to train with Katie Harri, one of our Directors in Parent Engagement, to learn more about our ProStrengths course.

In this training, leaders from New Caney ISD participated in a morning workshop all about Strengths. They learned the value of playing to their strengths every day and further developing the very best parts of themselves. The participants learned a great deal about each other and many leaders said, “I finally have language to describe my talents”. The morning was fun, engaging, and refreshing to focus on their own development for a few hours, and they now know how to aim their strengths towards positive change in their work and their life! Next, they will take staff and leaders on their campuses through our ProStrengths online modules and work towards becoming a district that recognizes and appreciates each other’s Strengths.

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