Meet the Team at Family Leadership

Our staff supports the District and School Site teams year round.

Our team of Family Engagement Directors and Team Support Specialists are with you during the training launch events and then make weekly contact with your team leaders. We focus on supporting the process of inviting parents to workshops, supporting the Facilitating team, and growing the program from semester to semester.

We provide survey reports and consult with District Leaders Family Engagement leaders as often as you find helpful.  At the end of the school year we sponsor a National Leadership Consultation as a peer-to-peer event for District Leaders to directly exchange best practices.  This exchange leads to continual improvement in Parenting Partners curriculum, as well as resources for organizing and marketing the experience to parents.

Directors, Trainers and Team Support Specialists

Logistics & Production Team Specialists

Benaiah Larios, Executive Administrator

Kara Guzman, Administrative / Production Coordinator

Andra Lozano, Production Team Specialist

Alan Nuno Pulido, Production Team Specialist