Parent Center Fosters Community at Fontana Middle School

Parents becoming leaders in their families and communities is the reason Parenting Partners workshops exists. That is why we are so happy to feature the Fontana Unified School District in Fontana, California. They have excelled at leading workshops and creating an environment for parents to become leaders and build relationships.

A few weeks ago Malu Pulido, a Team Support Specialist, visited a few schools in the Fontana Unified School Districts including Fontana Middle School where she was encouraged to learn about the impact the workshops have had on the parents at the school. Malu met with Diana Gutierrez who is a Parenting Partners facilitator and Community Liaison who helped develop a Parent Center on her campus. The Parent Center is a place for parents to attend Parenting Partners workshops and also have access to additional resources.

Giving parents a room at the school has encouraged parents and given them the space to learn and grow together. We want to commend Diana for her efforts of developing the Parent Center and for gathering support from the school Principal and School District. Support for projects like this have a profound effect on a school and community, so we are thrilled to hear the vision behind the Parent Center and how it is already having an impact on parents.

After Malu visited she said, “Parents in Fontana Middle School are becoming leaders in the community because they build relationships as they go through the workshops. It’s really cool to see them connect and do more than just attend the workshops.”

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We are excited to see the future of the Parent Center and the impact future Parenting Partners graduates will have on their families and community. Keep up the hard work Diana and the rest of your team!

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