Parenting Partner Graduations – Cutler Elementary School and Crockett Elementary School

Cutler Elementary SchoolCutlerOrosi Joint Unified School District

This is Cutler Elementary School’s 8th graduation since the program started with Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District, CA. Cutler Elementary has been involved with Parenting Partners workshops for 4 years, and this was their largest graduation they have had yet. There were a total of 30 parent graduates – twenty parents had perfect attendance at all six Parenting Partners workshops. The graduation consisted of heart-warming speeches from Maria Sanchez and Mannolio Herrera who spoke on behalf of all of the parents. There were many emotions going around the room.

As a part of Maria Sanchez’s speech, she stated, “Parenting Partners helped us to understand the power of positive words and how to use them all the time with our children.” We are so proud of our Parenting Partners teams and their graduated parents.

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Crockett Elementary School – Crockett ISD

From Crockett Elementary School with Crockett ISD, TX, there were a total of 8 parents that graduated from the Parenting Partners program and each received a graduation certificate for perfect attendance to the Parenting Partners workshops.

These parents have accomplished so much already, and we are excited to see their leadership expand at their school.

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