Parenting Partners Launches in United ISD, Laredo, Texas

United ISD (Laredo, Texas) enthusiastically welcomed Parenting Partners into their community last week.  Over 250 people (Parent leaders, counselors, librarians teachers, and administrators) from 44 schools are being trained in the Parenting Partners process. District leadership is 100% committed to family engagement, and the facilitator teams have been showered with great hospitality and support from all levels of district leadership. Parent Leadership Workshops will begin at each school in early October. 

We are thrilled with the responses from everyone that attended the training. Below are some quotes from people that attended the training:

“I like that although the info is meant to be used in a school setting, what we learned helped us all on a personal level.” Lupita B. Eads, Colonel Santos Benavides School

“As a parenting facilitator, I will be able to help in closing the gap between schools, family, and community by training parents to become leaders. These parents will be prepared to go out and train other parents.” Lucinda Paulino, Lyndon B. Johnson High School

“Many times, we have parents come in to school looking for ways to help their children at home. This will just be the icing on the cake. We will have more parent involvement on a greater scale if they continue to spread the word.” JoAnn Lopez, Clark Middle School

“As a counselor, I desire to impact students, parents, teachers, and school. However, at times, I find time to be very limited. I find it very appealing that everything is ready for us to go and that the content is so helpful in building amazing parenting skills that will directly impact our students. Loved the workshop!” Ana P. Domingez, Freedom Elementary


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