Parenting Partners PRO is accelerated professional development for parents – taking them to the next level of proficiency in parenting and leadership.

These workshop series bring your parents advanced content that builds their capacity as champion parents. Student success starts at home, and PRO powers parent capacity!

Level 1 Workshops

Tipping the Scales of Success


Leading Powerful Workshops

Graduates of Parenting Partners workshops often become workshop presenters themselves. In this series they practice advanced presentation methods that build their confidence and capacity to lead workshops, creating a sustainable cohort of leaders.


Family Meals Challenge

These targeted workshops rapidly strengthen a vital family habit – bringing the family together more often to increase quality connections between parents and their children. ‘Family Meals’ builds effective family practices for wellness, literacy and achievement.

Level 2 Workshops

Supporting Academic Foundations


Family Literacy

How do we bring parents on board to build academic capacity in their children from the earliest years? These workshops equip parents with practical tools to function as literacy coaches for their children and model strong literacy habits for school readiness and success.


Top Study Skills

How can parents empower their students to succeed at every level of learning? These workshops give parents vital study strategies and tools to support their student’s study, reading, and homework performance at every grade level.

Level 3 Workshops

Professional Development for Leaders


Parent leaders and school staff members love these workshops that connect them to their greatest strengths. They discover their top strengths through the technology of the Gallup Strengths FinderTM and immediately apply them to boost their leadership effectiveness and satisfaction.


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