School districts, now more than ever, must be certain they will see results from a parent capacity-building program they select.

Parenting Partners Builds Capacity for Strong Family-School Partnerships

Parenting Partners™ workshops combine parenting and leadership skills that empower parents to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success.

The six comprehensive workshops are presented by each school’s own trained facilitator team multiple times year-round, in multiple languages, creating a sustainable source of parent leaders.

Family Leadership Inc has a Verifiable Track Record of Success!

With more than 200,000 Parenting Partners graduates, extensive evaluation shows that these families are now structured for success.

Parents take leadership roles, and form strong Family-School Partnerships for achievement.

How is our program for family engagement different?

  • We build parenting and leadership skills that produce effective parents and more successful students.
  • Our district partners gain momentum with family engagement that expands capacity each year, creating a thriving, sustainable system.
  • With our team of partner districts, we build the capacity of family engagement resources each year with new workshop series and online resources.

How does Parenting Partners work?


Launching Your Team

• Principals select facilitator teams of parents and staff.

• Parenting Partners trainers certify facilitator teams at District launch.

• School teams lead Parenting Partners workshops for parents.


Extensive Evaluation

• Our methods produce evidence-based results year after year.

• We track outcomes with surveys that provide high quality data.

• Educators receive extensive evaluation reports every semester.


Implement Leading Family Engagement Frameworks

Our methodology applies:

• Dual Capacity-Building Framework: Family-School Partnerships (Mapp, ED).

• Six Types of Parent Involvement (Epstein, NNPS/Johns Hopkins)

• Social and Emotional Learning


Supporting and Sustaining Your Teams

• We don’t train & run – we support your teams nonstop!

• Our staff of experienced educators guide your teams through every phase: inviting parents, leading workshops, evaluation, and expansion.


Comprehensive, Sustainable Engagement

• Parenting Partners produces strong Family School Partnerships and builds parent leadership capacity.

• Program graduates enhance the District’s capacity for increasing effective family engagement.


Comprehensive Bilingual Materials

• All Parenting Partners training and support is provided in Spanish and English.

• Comprehensive Spanish materials including Facilitators’ tools and Manuals, Marketing, Evaluation, and Parent resources.


Affordable Program Exceeds Expectations

• Teams start leading workshops right after the training launch.

• All bilingual materials, marketing tools, support, evaluation & certification for up to six Facilitators per site are included in cost.


Leverage our Experience

• Over 200,000 parents have completed Parenting Partners workshops.

• Supported by our experienced staff, this resource extends the reach of educators challenged by limited resources.


Next Level - Multi-Year Resources

• PRO Series is Professional Learning for paraprofessionals & parent leaders, taking your team to the next level.

• Workshops build leadership capacity and create sustainability.

• Multiple formats, Bilingual, Certification.

Materials Included in the Parenting Partners Curriculum

Practical tools that transform home learning environments

Parents are equipped with practical tools that create targeted outcomes:

  • More successful home learning environments, with parents empowering their children to productively do their studies at home.
  • More effective home structure and positive discipline.
  • More daily positive communication at home, with tools such as 101 Days of Positive Power Words.
  • Less stress by ending cycles of useless arguments with tools such as the Shield.
  • More shared family meals, boosting family wellness and student success.

It’s easy to get started!