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With ProLeadership, you:

Developing successful facilitators

Advance Your Teams

You boost the success of Parenting Partners Family Engagement teams on your campuses while creating a sustainable cohort of leaders.

Build the Capacity of Workshop Leaders

With the advanced training methodology of ProLeadership, you build the capacity of your para-professional staff, parent leaders, and professional staff to lead successful workshops that your parents will love.

Deliver Professional Learning

With ProLeadership you inclusively deliver top-level professional learning to your para-professional staff and parent leaders as they become your next generation of successful facilitators.

Multiply Sustainability

You build sustainability as multiple cycles of Parenting Partners graduates become skilled presenters themselves.  ProLeadership builds their confidence and skill to lead effective workshops.  

Expand your Bilingual Capacity

With ProLeadership you bring a bilingual resource. Your teams can be trained in English or Spanish.  All training materials are bilingual.

ProLeadership Capacity Building Outcomes


  • Develop long-term leaders for your schools in English and Spanish.
  • Deliver effective professional learning to Family Engagement leaders.
  • Implement advanced presentation methods for great workshops.
  • Grow the sustainability of Parenting Partners workshops.


  • Develop strong Family-School Partnerships across the District.
  • Increase effective Family Engagement in student achievement.
  • Advance the impact of positive parent leadership.
  • Expand Capacity-Building and skill development for parents and paraprofessionals.


  • Become effective presenters.
  • Generate engaging discussion.
  • Create warm relationships with parents.
  • Build innovative team facilitating strategies.
  • Lead powerful workshops and presentations.

ProLeadership Topics & Themes


  • Purpose of ProLeadership
  • Family Engagement Frameworks
  • Parent Roles in Student Achievement
  • Key Steps to Partnerships
  • Partnership Outcomes


  • What Type of Learner are You?
  • Understanding Styles of Learning
  • Preparation and Presentation: Tips & Tools
  • How Adults Learn
  • 12 Principles of Effective Adult Learning


  • Powerful Presentations
  • 4 Presentation Styles Chart
  • Tips and Tools for Types of Facilitators
  • The Three P’s of Presenting


  • Discover Your Leadership Strengths
  • Talking about Team Strengths
  • Team Roles & Team Assignments
  • Reflection: Stop, Continue, Start

Putting it All Together

  • Team Start Up Plan
  • Prepare to Facilitate Your Workshops
  • Facilitator Team Meeting Suggestions
  • Materials and Preparation Timeline

Bilingual Materials