Professional Learning for Family Engagement Teams

An online platform for team building through strengths.

ProStrengths is a life changing professional learning experience that will positively encourage and inspire you and your team. Team members discover their top 5 strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder™ assessment.  Our process empowers them to rapidly build on those strengths to build a strong, effective team for Family Engagement.

ProStrengths is part of the Parenting Partners PRO accelerated professional learning programs that develop proficiency and leadership for Family Engagement.

ProStrengths Course Overview

ProStrengths is an online platform with four learning modules and one interactive meet-up session. The interactive session can be done in person or in a virtual format. The course is designed to be completed in 4-5 weeks and include 5-10 cohort members that will go through the content together.  The experience features engaging videos, written material, and reflective activities, including:

  • Custom discussion boards for interactive enhanced learning and team development.
  • Meet-up session with guided discussion and new content for team reflection and connection.
  • Access to a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach for assistance.
  • Additional Gallup resources for more learning opportunities.

Purpose of ProStrengths

ProStrengths develops leaders and teams by building on their strengths and unique giftedness.

ProStrengths is an opportunity for your parent leaders and staff to discover and leverage their strengths so they can grow into their best selves both professionally and personally.

ProStrengths brings decades of research in strengths by Gallup’s StrengthFinders™ into the service of Family Engagement. ProStrengths accelerates the development of emerging parent leaders and Family Engagement paraprofessionals and professionals, resulting in great Parent Engagement teams on your campuses.


  • Provides professional learning for parents and staff.
  • Boosts confidence, satisfaction and effectiveness of leaders.
  • Creates powerful, positive teams for Family Engagement.

Course Topics

  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Focus on Strengths to Multiply Success
  • Talent Shows up in Unique Ways
  • Five Clues to Talent
  • When You’re at Your Best
  • Four Domains of Leadership Strengths
  • Spotting Talent in Others
  • Building on Strengths as a Team
  • Teamwork Turns Weak Areas Into Strengths

ProStrengths Outcomes

The ProStrengths course build on your team members’ natural talents and abilities to build great teams for Family Engagement. Outcomes include:

  • Better collaboration and communication among team members.
  • Clearer understanding of individual strengths.
  • Custom action plans to develop strengths.
  • Knowledge of uniqueness of strengths.
  • Awareness of why and how to utilize strengths.

Positive, Popular Training for Your Parent Engagement Teams


Cohort Led Learning

Each school team has their own cohort for a customized, enhanced learning experience.

Cohort leaders are trained and have access to a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who will be available to answer questions leaders have about material presented throughout the course.


Team Meet-up Session

The cohort leader will facilitate a closing session for team members to share what they learned from the course.

This session is a great opportunity for reflection, celebration and connection as a team. Some topics include:

• What Makes a Good Team
• How to Utilize Strengths in Teams
• Strengths of Your Team


``Ask The Expert``

The “Ask the Expert button gives” exclusive access to our Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who is available to answer questions cohort members have throughout the course.

Our Gallup coach has extensive knowledge and experience with coaching on all of the 34 Gallup CliftonStrengths!

Preview of the ProStrengths Course

ProStrengths Website Preview

This video shows a clip of the ProStrengths course. Cohorts learn through videos, written content, and reflective activities. These lessons are taught by Katie Harri, our Gallup coach and ProStrengths Expert.

ProStrengths Materials

Leaders receive a Leader Guide and a unique cohort code to access the website. Leaders and cohort members download handouts and access additional resources on the website for further strength exploration.

Course Page

As you can see in the snapshot of the main course page, each lesson, activity, reflection and video title is listed and a check is marked for each completed step. Cohort members can see their progress and easily pick up where they left off.

Gallup Strengths Page

The Gallup Strengths page is available anytime as a resource for people to learn more about their top five strengths. Click on the box for each of your Strengths to see a testimony video from Gallup experts, a detailed description of that Strength, words to describe you and examples of your strengths in action.