Continual Learning to Engage Families

ProWebinars bring your Family Engagement Facilitators training just when they need it!  These manageable “bite size” webinars empower your Facilitators to build on their success continuously.  This is interactive Professional Learning that multiplies the capacity of your Family Engagement teams.

Some topics expand on training from your two day Facilitators Training.  Others build well-timed skills to meet the ever-changing needs of your families and Facilitators.  We’re excited to continue our Professional Learning with you!


Virtual Tour

Tips & Training to Bring Workshops Online

In this webinar your teams will add new tools for delivering workshops online.

Whether you use Zoom, Google Meetup, or Facebook, your teams will increase their skills for engaging parents and delivering workshops in a virtual format.


Creating a Welcoming Environment

Parenting Partners teams nationwide have found effective, creative ways to create a welcoming environment for parents.

This webinar features best practice stories and visuals from “rock star” teams.

These practical tips will help your parents feel valued and welcomed!


Celebrating Parent Champions

The Parent Champions initiative is a popular strategy for growing Parent Engagement.

Your team will become proficient in this vital art of honoring parents and inviting them into leadership, harnessing the power of recognizing parent leaders as Champions.


Indicators of Success

Multi-Year Family Engagement and Sustainability

What are the key factors in building and sustaining a successful multi-year family engagement program?

This webinar highlights 7+ vital strategies assembled from our experience with school districts nationally who are experiencing dynamic Family-School Partnerships!


Inviting Strategies

Inviting Parents to Workshops

Your teams are ready to deliver Parenting Partners workshops at your school campuses, but how do you get parents to show up?

This webinar is full of creative, effective inviting strategies that will motivate parents to attend.

They will be excited to attend your workshops!


What's on the Web?

Navigating the Family Leadership Website and Social Media

This webinar connects your teams to the online resources of Parenting Partners.

Your Facilitators will learn to confidently navigate our online resources including surveys, workshop materials, graduation supplies, and the Family Engagement blog.


Parent Celebration

Graduation Stories and Best Practices

Graduation is a powerful occasion for celebrating your parents and presenters.

This webinar delivers powerful stories and examples from outstanding graduation celebrations.

Let’s elevate your celebration to the next level and create lasting memories for your parents!


Parent Engagement Frameworks

This webinar provides an in-depth look at the leading national Family Engagement Frameworks.

Learn how to implement a successful model that results in dynamic, effective Family-School Partnerships and multiplies your cohort of engaged parents.


Team Roles

Don't Lead Alone!

Every team member has a unique role and contribution.

Discover the vital elements of facilitating, planning, organizing, and inviting for your workshops!

Everyone will find a role that matches their strengths, leading to growing and sustainable teams.


Round Table Coaching

Life Coaching with Our Team Support Staff

This webinar provides an open forum to share best practices and discuss challenges in presenting your workshops.

The Family Leadership team will provide live coaching support to create practical solutions and plans to boost the success of your workshops!


Pro Facilitation

Gaining Confidence in Presenting Workshops

Join this webinar to gain an overview of the ProLeadership Advanced Workshops, a professional learning series for Facilitators.

The advanced training methodology builds your Facilitators’ capacity to lead successful workshops that your parents will love.


How to Expand for Growth and Sustainability

This webinar shares best practices and creative solutions to help you grow your teams of trained Facilitators year after year.

This “grow from within” strategy adds influencers to your teams whose credibility empowers you to effectively reach families in your community.