“Parenting Partners has been one of the best programs I have been involved in, both as a Trainer of Trainer presenter, and especially as a parent. As a Bilingual/ESL parent involvement initiative the feedback from campuses and parents has been overwhelming; their appreciation of the knowledge and skills passed to the families has created much excitement. We have now trained our first round of parent facilitators who are teaching the program for other families on their campuses. In fact, after completing only one semester of classes at eleven schools, we have both parents and faculty from non- Parenting Partners campuses calling and asking: ‘When can we get trained and begin offering this program?’ ‘Can our parents attend the workshop at other campuses?’ ‘Can my friend come with me to the classes?’ and the most exciting, ‘How can I become a facilitator and teach the workshops?’

As a district we are planning for a late summer training of parents who were unable to make the January training session but want to teach classes in the fall. In response to parent feedback we are working toward chunking the two day session into several evening or Saturday sessions to allow for working parents to receive the training and become campus leaders. We are creating a structured child care resource kit and procedures to support training families who want to be trained facilitators. Through this process we are also working to partner with existing host campuses to be the site of future trainings and invite parents and staff that have lead classes to come and share some of their experiences.

The Bilingual/ESL Department is also gearing up to invite the next 10-15 campuses to get their teams trained in the fall of 2015. As we prepare and look forward, we would like to see the eleven campuses currently trained have parents sign up for Parenting Partners classes during the registration process in August, 2015 and begin the year with at least one session in the first nine weeks of school. We would like to see the new 10-15 campuses offer at least one session during the second 9 weeks of school along with a second session from the veteran schools. To keep the momentum, we would like all trained campuses to hold a spring session prior to the spring 2016 testing season as well.”