In Parenting Partners Workshop One, parents are introduced to the 8 Key Parent Roles in student achievement, one of which is “Modeling”. Research shows reading to/with our children ½ hour 3x’s week boosts student academic success by .51% GPA.  Here is a wonderful story of the impact of reading aloud to students, even still at the fourth grade level.

“As a teacher in San Jose Unified, Seena Hawley made a point of reading aloud to her fourth and fifth graders every day. Not only was it a highlight of their day, she also believes it boosted their reading comprehension and their sense of empathy.”

“Reading aloud to students in K-3 is a super way to build knowledge and vocabulary and should be a regular staple in classrooms,” said Sue Pimentel, a literacy expert perhaps best known as lead writer of the Common Core state standards. “Reading aloud to students models fluent reading. It builds knowledge and vocabulary. Students can hear and discuss new words. It also improves listening comprehension.  Notably, the texts should be two to three grades above their complexity level.”


The magic of story time: Why is reading aloud to kids so important?