David Bunker

Executive Director


David lived in ten different cities growing up, so he naturally thought about factors that make communities thriving places for children and teens. He started working in healthy community’s initiatives while a grad student in L.A. David then developed a leadership model with homeless families, “Home Again,” that resulted in hundreds of families finding permanent housing and community leadership positions as a national project of World Vision.

David and Patty expanded this model into a school-based family leadership initiative in 1996 and created the Parenting Partners™ curriculum. After five years of implementation with 50 schools, Parenting Partners™ expanded in 2001 as a resource for school districts nationwide.  Since then the curriculum has been advanced with input from thousands of Parenting Partners™ Facilitators and parents.

David & Patty have learned parenting skills from this wide network of families and from their experiences as a guardian of Patty’s teen sister while in their 20’s, as parents of a son, daughter, and now two granddaughters.

David serves as Executive Director of Family Leadership Inc, the nonprofit that sponsors Parenting Partners™. David has “Learning” as a strength (see ProStrengths) so he is continually researching parent and family trends and creating expanded family capacity building resources.  He’s the developer of the Family Meals Challenge and resources such as 101 Days of Positive Power Words. He has multiple graduate degrees and taught Family Engagement and Culture at the university level.