What District Administrators Say

“I was in a desperate search for the perfect curriculum to begin parenting workshops in my district. I am thankful for stumbling upon Parenting Partners and will forever be grateful for the snowball of change that the program has brought to our district. We have reached parents that we never thought we could.  Parenting Partners was and is the change we needed. With constant support from the Parenting Partners team, success is inevitable!

Parenting Partners provided the tools and resources needed to help our schools make parent connections while increasing student academic success and developing parent leaders in our homes, schools and communities. The kits provided for each school ensured that presenting the material was almost effortless.

Parenting Partners has been the fuel to light the parental engagement fire in our district. We have had almost 200 graduates in the past year!”

Tara Kirby

Parental Engagement Specialist
DeKalb County School District, Alabama

“Parenting Partners is a positive, interactive, strengths-based approach which empowers parents to become leaders at home & in their children’s schools. The bilingual curriculum and capacity-building training provides parents with practical tools that engage their talents, gifts & abilities to support their children’s academic achievement.”

Karen Williams

Title I Consultant
Charleston, South Carolina

“In Alief ISD we believe in four strong goals for our families-that they feel welcomed, engaged, informed, and equipped. Look across the nation: what programs do you find that actually provide professional development for our families to be better parents and empower them to teach other parents? I’ll challenge you and say that most likely you will not find one that has the quality and results that we’ve seen with Parenting Partners.

“In education we cannot do it alone–we need our families to partner with our schools and with our staff -and Parenting Partners allows us to do it.”

Shanceler Terry

District Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Alief ISD, Houston, Texas

“Alisal USD is focused on developing strong parent capacity by establishing purpose and a clear pathway for partnership. Our ultimate goal is true collaboration with parents for student success. Parenting Partners is an integral part of our journey and is extremely instrumental in this process.  Utilizing their team-building and strength-based program, we have established strong partnerships between district leaders, site leaders, teachers and parents at every level.”

Delia Gomez, Ed.D.

Director, Educational Services
Alisal Union School District, Salinas, California

“With Parenting Partners there is continuous training and support. There is enthusiasm and passion from the Family Leadership team that is contagious. My motto is, ‘Schools don’t exist without parents, and schools don’t survive without parent engagement.’ So it is easy for me to be on board with a program that lines up with my motto.”

Angelia M. Johnson

Title I Special Programs
Little Rock SD, Arkansas

“Calcasieu Parish School Board believes that family engagement is an integral part of student achievement. School administrators and teachers understand the need to create partnerships with our families and communities. Parenting Partners has given us the practical tools to assist families in helping their children be successful in school and become future leaders of our community.”

Loree Smith

District Parent Involvement Coordinator
Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, Louisiana

“Parent engagement is key to student success and the Parenting Partners program is a crowd favorite. This program fosters community, leadership and family-school partnerships all the while providing parents with practical tools and techniques that improve children’s confidence, communication, and discipline.”

Dr. Zuleyma Carruba-Rogel

FACE Director
Amarillo ISD, Texas

“Lancaster Schools have seen tremendous benefit from Parenting Partners:  Sites are providing capacity-building activities for families to work with their students more effectively, we have more families actively involved at both the school and district level, and teacher satisfaction as it pertains to family participation in their students’ education has increased over the past three years consistently as a result of Parenting Partners.”

Dr. Jordan Goines

Director of Special Programs/Continuous Improvement
Lancaster School District, California

“Parenting Partners is one of the best programs I have been involved in, both as a Trainer of Trainer presenters, and especially as a parent.  As a Bilingual/ESL parent involvement initiative, the feedback from our campuses and parents has been overwhelming; their appreciation of the knowledge and skills passed to the family has created much excitement.  Non-Parenting Partners campuses are calling and asking ‘How can we get trained and begin offering this program?”

Annie Arredondo

ESL Specialist
Ector County ISD, Texas

“We know that when parents are involved in their child’s education, they do better in school. That’s research based, evidence based. We hear it all the time, but with Parenting Partners we can really see how that works. Parents come back after the workshops and say ‘I tried this with my child, I did not think it was going to work, but it did and I wish I had known this before!”

Kaye Rainey

Parent Involvement Specialist
Little Rock School District, Little Rock, Arkansas

What Principals/Site Leaders Say

“We have long known that home/school relationships are immensely important in providing our scholars the best environment for them to be successful both socially, and academically.  In this era of Remote Instruction, now more than ever, the skills, and strategies that Parenting Partners promotes with our parents are key to nurturing these relationships to push are scholars forward!”

Abel DeLeon

Principal, Virginia Rocca Barton Elementary
Alisal Union School Distict, Salinas, California

“Through this engaging Parenting Partners program, I have a methodical plan to follow to assure that parents have a clear course of action to form a family/home environment that puts their children’s academic and social success at the forefront of their everyday lives which will enable them to be successful adults.”

Dr. Adriana Vela

Principal, Colonel Santos Benavides School
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“Through Parenting Partners’ smaller and more intimate sessions, parents were more willing to open up.  They felt comfortable sharing ideas and some of their parenting failures.  Communication between school, staff and parents increased.   The parents who attended found their voice within the group and found out that they were valued leaders and now want to lead the next workshops that we have.”

Peggy C. Sall

Family Resource Coordinator, Eldorado Elementary
East Ramapo SD, New York

“As a Parenting Partners facilitator, I’m able to stress the importance of “better together.” It is better to unite together with family and your community than to go at it alone!  Parenting Partners makes you realize the importance of family unity and provides strategies to improve relationships in both family and community.”

David Guzman

Assistant Principal, United High School
United ISD, Laredo Texas

“Parenting Partners helps parents gain self-confidence and build relationships within the school.  Our parents are now taking on more leadership roles and have come out of their shells as facilitators and leaders.”

Sylvia Servin

Counselor, Columbia Heights Elementary School
Harlandale ISD, San Antonio, Texas

“As a Parenting Partners facilitator, I am able to help close the gap between schools, family, and community by training parents to become leaders. These parents are then prepared to go out and train other parents. What I love most about Parenting Partners are the engaging activities. Each activity serves a purpose and is aligned with the concept being addressed. Love it!”

Lucinda Paulino

English/ESL teacher, LBJ Annex – 9th grade
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“Parenting Partners helps build connections between home and school. It provides parents with actual ideas, lists, etc. of how they can get more involved with their children’s academics. I loved it all! I love how easy it is to implement. I love that Parenting Partners provides all materials. And I love how it made me reflect on my own household and how I can improve on supporting my own children. Thank you so much!”

Griselda Flores

Assistant Principal, Arndt Elementary School
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“Parenting Partner workshops are wonderful opportunities to teach parents strategies and skills to help bring families together.  My school benefitted from the workshops because the parents learned opportunities to form bonds with their children and learned discipline techniques.  The place mat and spinner were wonderful tools to engage the families in valuable chit chat.

“Once parents graduate from the workshops and sees success within their family, they want to help their friends. As a result, they become leaders for the community.”

Margaret DeSimone

Teacher, Margetts Elementary
East Ramapo SD, New York

“After the Parenting Partners training, I gained a very complete understanding of the importance of a partnership between school and home to benefit all our children.  This training provided me with the tools, resources, and the confidence to build the partnership with school and home.”

Adamina Pena-Meza

Assistant Principal, Kazen Elementary
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“Our district strongly believes parents need to play a vital role in their child’s education.  We have been working with Parenting Partners for several years and find all the tools helpful.  Our parents that complete the workshops are able to lead and empower other parents.  The program has increased parent involvement.  Additionally, I like hearing about the great work other districts are doing around the country.”

Eric Rodriguez

Principal, Kennedy Elementary
Dinuba USD, California

What Family Engagement Staff & Parent Leaders Say

“The first thing I took away from this parenting workshop was to have more patience and always encourage my children.  Middle school is hard, and kids deal with a lot of bullying, opinions of peers, body appearances changes, and pulling away from parents.  Hearing the experiences of teachers and other parents led me to rethink how I speak to my daughters after a long day of school.  I started using the 101 Days of Positive Power Words tips and noticed an immediate change in their behavior.  The power of words goes a very long way.   Build up a child to create a strong leader.”

Tiffany Chiles

Parent, Franklin Township Middle School
Franklin Township Public Schools, New Jersey

“Parenting Partners is a family engagement program that works! When I was selected to be part of the training, I was so excited because I am passionate about families. I have a family with four children and I brought this program to my family as well. I have seen the impact of the workshops in my life.

“A high schooler I talked to said ‘I didn’t want my dad to keep going to the workshops because he’s changing everything. But now I feel so happy that my dad went to the workshops because he is part of my life now. He sits, talks and listens to us.”

Maria Ayon

Family Engagement Facilitator
Harlandale ISD, San Antonio, Texas

“As a result of Parenting Partner workshops, our school has been able to bring parents together to discuss their ideas and thoughts about how they parent and not judge each other and learn to change to benefit their families.”

Viola Monroe

Family Engagement Specialist, Brenda Hunter Head Start
Calcasieu Parish School Board, Lake Charles, Louisiana

“The statistics regarding what can happen if we implement more family meals really motivates me to do more.  I love the feedback and examples from other parents as well.   As a family ambassador, I am enjoying the Parenting Partners training and resources that help us identify and use our strengths, bring parents onto the team, and share the leadership roles.”

Jasmine Kelley

Family Ambassador, Miller Elementary School
Lancaster School District, California

“Parenting Partners is simple and easy to use.  It’s very structured and informative.  I’m able to implement what I’ve learned as a parent at home as well as in the workplace.  I’m able to help my younger children be the best that they can be with the tools and the confidence I can instill in them.”

Pamela Mendoza

Office Clerk/Parent, Amparo Gutierrez Elementary
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“Parenting Partners will help make my family better by practicing the skills and using the tools given in these workshops.  I am excited about recruiting as many parents as I can to help train other parents at schools.  I am also using the skills and tools with my students.   Parenting Partners is common sense wisdom presented in a practical and powerful way.”

Reynaldo Montemayor

Teacher, United ISD/ STEP Academy
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“I leave my Parenting Partners training confident and excited to continue my parenting journey with all the tools we received these two days. I hope these tools help me and empower me to use against the obstacles my children come across.  Thank you for all the knowledge you gave us. Your positive and caring ways are something I will continue to practice.”

Daniela Lerma

Parent Volunteer, Malakoff Elementary
United ISD, Laredo, Texas

“I loved the hands-on activities to illustrate the concepts (Learning Styles/Teaching Styles, Team Building).  I want to use my reflections from this training to continue to upgrade and improve my skills as a facilitator.  I look forward to including parents on our leadership team–and taking lots of pictures to feature and honor our participants and their stories.”

Marisol Contreras

Parent Leader
Salinas Union High School District, California

“Weeks before this training, I was thinking about some of our parents and how we’re going to get them in. I love the idea of welcoming them as leaders and getting them working together as a team.

Sometimes we say our kids are 7:30-2:30 kids – that we are limited on what we can do outside that time. So this is encouraging to know that we really can do something –we can help with what happens when they get home.

As a mom of triplets, I can see that ‘the Shield’ will create calm and be useful to us.”

Angie Padillo

Riverview Elementary
Parlier, California

“I recently became a legal guardian, so the thing that was really crucial for me was learning not to be the buddy.  As a result of Parenting Partners, I now have so many ways that I can relate to other parents in the school.”

Jonathan Frias

Plaza Learning Center
Palmdale USD, Palmdale, California

“I enjoyed the various examples used during the training sessions.  I will take the skills learned and use them when facilitating, and even in my own life.”

Bianca Robles

Parent Leader
Alisal Union SD, Salinas, California