Parenting Partners Trainers Box

Each Facilitator receives their Trainers Box with materials in English and Spanish.

Facilitator Manuals

This practical manual makes presenting the workshops manageable!

Thousands of Facilitators have successfully presented the Parenting Partners workshops using this easy to follow guide. Facilitators become skilled at leading highly interactive workshops that parents love.

  • Parenting Partners Facilitators Manual, English (252 pages)
  • Parenting Partners Facilitators Manual, Spanish (264 pages)

Parenting Partners Parent Workbooks

Supplies for interactive activities in workshops

  • Parenting Partners Parent Workbook, English (64 pages)
  • Parenting Partners Parent Workbook, Spanish (64 pages)

Recruiting Parents & Organizing Workshops Manual

How to Run Successful Parent Leadership Workshops:
Recruiting Parents, Promoting and Organizing

All recruitment, evaluation, and planning tools are fully supported by the Family Leadership staff. Each team receives ongoing support during training and throughout the year.

  • Resources for recruiting and inviting parents, including customizable promotional materials in English and Spanish on a USB drive.
  • Evaluation tools, including Pre and Post Questionnaires in English and Spanish, for use online with Google Docs or manually.
  • Team planning resources for strategically inviting the first group of parents, leading to a sustainable plan for reaching successive groups of parents.
  • Workshop planning and preparation forms.
  • Reproducible handouts and interactive activities.
  • Timelines for materials preparation and Parent Recruitment.
  • Guides for working with multiple language groups.
  • Facilitator Best Practices.
  • Registration forms.
  • Charts for organizing study at home.
  • Sample Teacher In-service (10, 20, and 30 minute formats).
  • Graduation certificates customized for your site.

Parenting Partners Team Resource Box

1. Presentation Tools

Parenting Partners Workshops on PowerPoint

  • Complete English Facilitator PowerPoint
  • Complete Spanish Facilitator PowerPoint

Videos for Workshops: Self Esteem Video, Legacy and Team Hoyt Graduation Video

2. Set of posters for Parent Roles in Student Achievement in English/Spanish

  • 8 Posters for Parent Roles Skit
  • 40 “Parent Power: 30 Day Action Plan” posters in English & Spanish
  • 40 “101 Days of Positive Words” posters in English & Spanish

3. Supplies for interactive activities in workshops

  • Week 1 Parent Roles in Student Achievement skit bags and signs
  • Week 2 Heart Skit materials
  • Week 2 Posters – 101 Days of Positive Power Words
  • Week 2 Love You Forever book by Robert Munsch
  • Week 3 Skit props for powerful listening skills
  • Week 3 Hot/Cold game props for Untangling Mixed Signals skit
  • Week 4 Finger Traps for the Argument Trap
  • Week 4 Parent Trap Skit signs
  • Week 4 Shields for Ending Arguments and Setting Boundaries
  • Week 6 Four Styles of Parenting Skit Signs

4. Digital Downloads: Handouts, Invitations, and Forms

  • Recruiting, Sample Invitation Script, Flyers, Registration & Attendance Forms
  • Skit signs, Props, Graduation Certificates, Plannings Forms and much more
  • Questionnaires on Google Docs, along with paper version, for pre and post evaluations
  • Customized reports for each school detailing progress for each graduating cohort

5. Workshop Supplies Box

Organizing supplies

  • Name tags
  • Graduation certificates
  • Materials list and needed materials organized by week in accordion folder
  • Needed materials such as pencils, pens, scissors, and props
  • Dry erase and Poster-making markers
  • Resources for parents’ note taking: note cards and Post-its

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