What is Parenting Partners?

  • We’re the national leader in creating positive, effective Family-School Partnerships.

  • Parenting Partners has over twenty years of reliability, working with over 220,000 parent leaders.

  • Our comprehensive & dynamic approach gets parents on board for their children’s academic success.

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What happens when Parents become effective Partners in education?

  • Students thrive when their parents become partners and leaders in their schools.
  • Students exceed reading levels, ADA attendance goes up, test scores improve.
  • Schools improve when positive parents contribute leadership at home and on campus.
  • Parenting Partners systematically produces effective families with measurable results.

What’s the proof?

  • Parenting Partners has over 20 years of experience producing more than 220,000 parent leaders.
  • Extensive research shows that these families are now structured for success.
  • Harvard Family Research Project consistently finds that grades go up when parents become partners in education.

What does Parenting Partners look like?

  • Each school has a Team with 4-6 presenters who are local leaders—parents and staff. These presenters are highly credible to parents.
  • Teams strategically invite parents to become a cohort for 6 weeks of parent leadership training.
  • Teams lead workshops in Spanish, English, and other languages multiple times per year.
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How do we launch?

  • Parenting Partners Training Process
  • Principals select a great team of parents and staff.
  • The national Parenting Partners team trains and launches the Teams in your District.
  • The local Teams reach hundreds of parents in fun and exciting Parenting Partners workshops.

How do we sustain?

  • Our coaches support your Teams year round. We Plant and Grow rather than Train and Go.
  • Teams grow because Parent Graduates join the presenting Team.
  • We provide monthly Professional Development Webinars & Certification.

Parenting Partners:

  • Meets ESSA, Title I, Title III, ESL/ELL, and Afterschool Parent Engagement needs
  • Aligns with U.S. Dept. of Ed’s Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships and builds Epstein’s 6 Types.
  • Empowers parents with practical tools to navigate the multiple roles that support student achievement and school improvement.

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